Windows 10 users may not get Copilot yet due to the same weird bug that’s plagued Windows 11

Windows 10 users are officially getting Copilot, with the desktop assistant rolling out now, but not everyone has got the AI yet – and if you haven’t, that could be due to a bug.

That glitch affects Windows 10 setups with multiple monitors, and it’s an odd one as highlighted by Microsoft in the known issues for patch KB5032278, which is the November preview update for Windows 10 – though it’s a bug Windows 11 users will be familiar with.

The problem is that icons on the desktop can shift in a seemingly random fashion across the different screens in a Windows 10 multi-monitor rig, and other icon alignment issues can manifest, too.

As mentioned this has been seen on Windows 11 already, and with Copilot now rolling out to Windows 10 users, we shouldn’t really be too surprised that the same thing is occurring.

Analysis: Upgrade block

If you haven’t yet got Copilot on Windows 10, and you run multiple screens, this is the reason why – Microsoft has put a block in place to prevent upgrades carrying the AI assistant from being delivered to these PCs (and the same is true for Windows 11).

Microsoft tells us: “We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”

Even if you don’t have multiple monitors, but you’ve run a multi-monitor system in the past, you may find your PC is blocked from taking on this upgrade. As Microsoft explains: “Copilot in Windows (in preview) might not be available on devices that have been used or are currently being used in a multi-monitor configuration.”

Of course, this new update for Windows 10 is optional anyway, and as a preview, it’s expected that it might be bugged in some respects.

The fix will hopefully come soon and Windows 10 and Windows 11 users alike with multiple monitors should then be able to enjoy Copilot – though the AI is pretty limited in its functionality in this initial incarnation, it has to be said. Eventually, it will have sweeping powers to manipulate Windows settings, but right now the reality is that Copilot is pretty much a glorified Bing AI in a side panel.

Via XDA Developers

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