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Clevis, a hub for technological empowerment, welcomes people from all walks of life to explore the world of AI-driven application development.

Highlighting its Features:

  • Easy-to-Use Design: Clevis presents a user-friendly platform, ideal for those without any programming knowledge.
  • Ready-Made AI Components: Offers a variety of pre-configured elements for crafting AI applications.
  • Sophisticated Capabilities: Supports a range of functions including text creation, image editing, and interactive chats.
  • Guided Application Building: Provides a structured approach to developing applications.
  • Easy Sharing Options: Simplifies the sharing of applications through easy-to-generate links.
  • Earning Potential: Integrates with Stripe to enable a pay-as-you-use revenue model.
  • Resourceful Inspiration Gallery: Showcases a range of existing applications to motivate and instruct users.

Application Scenarios:

  • For Entrepreneurs: Enables users to develop and monetize AI-based applications.
  • Creative Exploration: Encourages creative experimentation with various AI features.
  • AI for Everyone: Makes AI technology approachable for those without a technical background.

Clevis revolutionizes the application development process by eliminating the intricacies of programming, paving the way for innovative creations powered by artificial intelligence.


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  • Naveen

    It’s useful, will just get bit confused in the beginning but than it will save much time.

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