Here’s how Apple could be selling the Vision Pro in stores

We’re still not sure when the Apple Vision Pro is going to go on sale, but when it does start appearing in Apple Stores, it looks like it’s going to come with its own dedicated display stand that shows off the mixed reality headset from all angles.

That’s according to an intellectual property database filing discovered by a MacRumors contributor, and it comes with diagrams attached. The headset will apparently be positioned in mid-air, much as it was at its launch event.

The separate battery pack will be placed at the base of the Vision Pro stand, though not hidden away from view, and it appears that there are going to be two Apple Vision Pro headsets for each display mat in the store.

That’s just about all we can glean from this filing, but it’s interesting to get a glimpse of what Apple is planning – as it attempts to get shoppers to part with the $3,499 (about £2,760 / AU$5,225) required to get hold of one of these devices.

What’s in store

All Apple has said in terms of a release date is “early next year”. Those in the know suggest that could mean January, but other reports have suggested it might be March. Training is apparently scheduled for Apple Store employees on how to demo the device.

While some flagship Apple Stores are expected to have hands-on areas where you can test out the Apple Vision Pro, that’s unlikely to be the case at every outlet. However, it might be the case that buyers have to call into a store in order to purchase the headset.

That’s because the headband, light seal, and prescription lenses (if required) all need to be specifically configured for each person. Don’t be surprised if Apple lets you order the Vision Pro online but then tells you to go to a store to get it.

The high price and limited availability point to a piece of hardware that Apple isn’t expecting to sell in huge numbers – but this is definitely the start of something big for the company, with rumors about future Apple Vision Pro headsets already swirling.

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