Has ChatGPT been getting a little lazy for you? OpenAI has just released a fix

It would seem reports of ‘laziness’ on the part of the ChatGPT AI bot were pretty accurate, as its developer OpenAI just announced a fix for the problem – which should mean the bot takes fewer shortcuts and is less likely to fail half way through trying to do something.

The latest update to the ChatGPT code is “intended to reduce cases of ‘laziness’ where the model doesn’t complete a task” according to OpenAI. However, it’s worth noting that this only applies to the GPT-4 Turbo model that’s still in a limited preview.

If you’re a free user on GPT-3.5 or a paying user on GPT-4, you might still notice a few problems in terms of ChatGPT’s abilities – although we’re assuming that eventually the upgrade will trickle its way down to the other models as well.

Back in December, OpenAI mentioned a lack of updates and “unpredictable” behavior as reasons why users might be noticing subpar performance from ChatGPT, and it would seem that the work to try and get these issues resolved is still ongoing.

More thorough

ChatGPT is pushing forward on mobile too (Image credit: Future)

One of the tasks that GPT-4 Turbo can now complete “more thoroughly” is generating code, according to OpenAI. More complex tasks can also be completed from a single prompt, while the model will also be cheaper for users to work with.

Many of the other model upgrades mentioned in the OpenAI blog post are rather technical – but the takeaways are that these AI bots are getting smarter, more accurate, and more efficient. A lot of improvements are related to “embeddings”, the numerical representations that AI bots use to understand words and the context around them.

ChatGPT recently got its very own app store, where third-party developers can showcase their own custom-made bots (or GPTs). However, there are rules in place that ban certain types of chatbots – like virtual girlfriends.

It also appears that OpenAI is busy pushing ChatGPT forward on mobile, with the latest ChatGPT beta for Android offering the ability to load up the bot from any screen (much as you might do with Google Assistant or Siri).

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