Final Cut Pro gets some big time-saving boosts for iPads and Macs

Final Cut Pro is one of the best video-editing apps you can get for both Mac and iPad, and now Apple says that a range of improvements are coming to both platforms later in November. These include new features that will streamline editing, tune up the timeline, add new in-app content, and more.

Starting with the Mac, Apple says its update focuses on “simplifying complex edits and turbocharged export speeds.” For instance, Final Cut Pro for Mac now automatically scrolls the timeline to keep up with the current playhead position while a video is playing. You can also zoom the timeline in or out during playback to suit your needs.

Clips can be assigned colors and roles to help differentiate them at a glance, which should mean less time wasted hunting for the specific clip you need. These clips can be highlighted by role with the timeline index, too.

Apple is also bringing out improved organization tools. You’ll be able to quickly clean up your timeline and combine groups of connected clips into a more coherent single storyline.

The Mac tweaks are rounded off by faster exporting made possible by the media engines inside the latest Mac chips. And thanks to those Apple silicon chips, Final Cut Pro will be able to offer better object tracking for things like faces found in your clips.

What’s new for the iPad?

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPad version of Final Cut Pro is also in line for a few upgrades, with one of the more notable relating to voiceover work. Soon, you will be able to record audio directly onto the timeline as it is playing, or select the moment you want recording to begin and use a countdown to perfectly time your voiceover.

Elsewhere, camera stabilization can be manually enabled or disabled according to your needs, and Apple has added several new color-grading presets, titles and generators to quickly change the look of your footage.

Like on the Mac, iPad users will benefit from the introduction of connected clips and a slate of organizational tools. And you can export your work to Final Cut Pro for Mac in order to use a few more advanced features.

Apple hasn’t said exactly when this update is coming, other than to note it will be available later this month. The update will be free if you’ve already paid for Final Cut Pro.

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